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We have worked hard to establish relationships with the best growers because quality cucumbers are essential to making premium pickles. We source cucumbers from growers who consistently provide the freshest, thin-skinned pickling cukes of proper maturity. Cucumbers are packed within days of picking to preserve their fresh taste and crunch. As our Brinemaster says, "a pickle is only as good as the cucumber going into the jar".

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The only sweetener we use in our pickles is raw, wildflower honey sourced from the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana. Never pasteurized, heavily filtered or blended, our honey is dark and rich and is the perfect sweetener for our Honey Sweet Stackers and our Sweet & Spicy Stackers.

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There is just something about the way a chili pepper heats up a pickle without compromising the flavor of the cucumber. We pack whole peppers into our jars, achieving amazing flavor and back-end heat without the funky aftertaste of lab-born scovilles. While there may be slight variance in the heat profile, it is part of the fun of working with (and eating) fresh chilis. So don't blame us, blame the habanero!

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Our admiration for Turmeric goes far beyond its ability to add beautiful, natural color to our pickles. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory known to relieve everything from liver problems to indigestion. It  is also a very strong anti-oxidant that helps support a healthy immune system. With so many amazing properties, we feel privileged  adding it to our jars.